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My name is Hannah Thomas. June of 2014, I was barely 18 and had just graduated high school. I was hired in as an in-shop at franchise owner, Dave Kuntz's Jimmy's. Prior to getting hired in at Jimmy John's, I had worked at Family Video for one month, that being my first job. I learned all possible for four months, I was then promoted to assistant manager in October 2014. I was running all closing shifts with FIVE pic shifts under my belt, and no certification. Not to mention this was at a brand new store with a brand new crew... most of which I had just attended high school with the previous year. The first few weeks were rough as I had a total of 5 months working experience in my life. Trying to learn how to hold the ship down on my own at night, as compared to days where there were 2 or three managers all days of the week, and some days the owner as well, was very difficult for not just me, but the high school staff, and other managers as well. Time went on and things got better... but then January came and the GM of Dave's second store up and quit one day. The blame was put on me because I was his girlfriend, and when we split he decided he no longer wanted to work under that franchise. In all actuality, we hadn't talked and I had nothing to do with that situation. Of course Jimmy's being a giant ear and mouth, the story got out and twisted around. Almost as if you were playing 'telephone' as a child. Dave held a grudge against me, because well, he lost a GM. A good GM. All of the money invested was now gone and wasted... or so it seemed. He would constantly raise his voice at me over things that were out of my control. When the GM left my store at 4:00p he would walk in at let's say, 4:05 and get loud with me for things that should have gotten done at 2 and hadn't. We had a shared plaza with a Japanese restaurant where Dave's family and he would go out to dinner, occasionally he would wander in just to "check up" on me. One night I remember (I have eye-witnesses) he came in and thought we were busier than what we actually were so he stretched me a full cycle of bread, put it in the proofer, and proceeded next door for dinner with his family. Before he went home when they were finished he decided to come back and scream in my face about having too much bread... Another night (I have eye-witnesses to all events mentioned) he comes literally sprinting in, from next door again go figure, and I'm watching him, on the cameras (8), run through my line of customers that was almost to the door as it was dinner rush, bob and weave through my full line of workers in the kitchen and into the back office where I was standing and screams "Show me your phone!!!" I just stood there dumbfounded and stuttered the word, "What?" He then yelled at me, I start crying because after months of this kind of thing, I was at my breaking point. My makeup is now smeared all down my face and he tells me to go help my line because they were getting slammed (we had been in the back for roughly 8 minutes). I wipe my face as best I can, as quick as possible. When I walked out there it was so silent (other than the radio) the look of horror on my customers faces and the sympathy of my crew was so overwhelming I started crying again... I have never been so embarrassed in my life. And I'm supposed to put a smile on and transform into a leader as he walks out with his family and smiles goodbye to my crew and customers. Needless to say, I started to defend myself after that, and it stirred up way more than it solved, but who hasn't hit their breaking point sometime in their life. By the end of it, other managers were telling me the end was near, I was in denial. Two days before my 19th birthday, I make my 45 minute drive to work, walk inside people hug me and I didn't know why, five minutes later, I'm terminated with NO reason, and no paperwork filed. (the day before I was told my job was safe). I'm just confused as to why in-shops knew before I did. I was devastated. I still am, Jimmy's is love, Jimmy's is life. About a week later, I get a fantastic, ideal job offer at a Jimmy's way closer to home. I had a phone interview with the owner, was completely honest with the owner of that franchise (well say his names Troy). The next day I went in for a face to face interview, he tells me he's going to call Dave and talk to him. That's fine I already told Troy the whole story. I call Dave and politely ask him to release me, and he says yes and wishes me good luck on my 'endeavors'. (I have text messages between Dave and I). I went in the JJ's to get a sandwich and again I confirm that I am being released. I talked to Troy that night and we set up where I'd be working and when and to come in the next day for a face to face conversation. When I go in he tells me Dave texted him just this morning and said he won't release me now... I kept asking him and he wouldn't answer me. I was begging... pathetic, but I loved my job and I love Jimmy's. He told me there's other places than just Jimmy John's (I have saved voicemails)... I HAVE BILLS TO PAY. Why do I have zero say in where I work and for who? Upon further investigation, I've recognized I wasn't being paid what I should have been the 5 months I was assistant manager. My attorney has already been contacted about that matter... I just wanted to tell my story straight to the top. I never filled out paperwork for my termination so how can I not be released out of spite. I have no money invested in me? Its very unfair to me for someone to try and play God with MY life. I would have e-mailed this to you, unfortunately I couldn't find an e-mail address... My e-mail is hthomas1186@yahoo.com I would appreciate further contact.


Hannah Thomas

This reviewer shared experience about poor customer service and wants this business to read this review and look into the issue (if any). The author is overall dissatisfied with Jimmy Johns. Reviewer wants customer support to reach out to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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Im sorry that happened.And that people can be such Dicks.What state r u in?Might contact u if u don't mind.(abt jj stuff)


I personally worked at this store, and there was a lot more to this story that she is leaving out. Also the reason the owner did not "release" her, is not because he was being a *** in anyway, he spent a significant amount of money sending her to corporate, upwards of $5,000+, and because of that the owner of the store she wants to work at next must pay the previous owner a fee, since he is getting a fully trained certified manager.

Those are the rules hannah, but you conveniently left that out. Hope you are doing well now, but to those reading her story, it is much more story then it is fact.

to Anonymous Canton, Ohio, United States #1257662

You are full of *** "anonymous". This dave guy is just like randy from alliance ohio.

i know i worked for randy (randall) gipson and he had me as a assistant gm. i got hired and i broke my foot. then he jerked me around and refused to send me to training. one night the sump pump backed up and he wouldn't let us close.

there is literal s*** in the store smelling the place up. Customers were complaining. i sent everyone home about an hour and a half early. next day he threatened to fire me.

It was unsafe and I threatened to call the health department on him. He all of the sudden calmed down and was like OK. That night the drain backed up again. He refused to do anything so I called him and told him we were closing.

He said he would fire everyone on the shift so I went to the Giant Eagle across the street and bought a bunch of beer drank it all outside and offered it to other employees. The only one who drank was the meth head from Alliance yet she was the one who told on me and Randy then proceeded to show up and dig beer cans out of the trash can. He then fired me. I didn't care I already called the Health department on him.

Randy the blowhard he is told everyone he didn't have to pay me unemployment. I had former employees and numerous tell me how he bragged that he fired me for being drunk on the job.

He didn't even fire me during the work day and by the way I received well over $300 a week to sit my a$$ on my couch for 6 months. This anonymous is either Dave or one of Dave's lackees.


Poor little Hannah. You hadn't worked there long enough to be promoted to any managerial position and you also weren't old enough.

Why in heaven's name did you apply for the managerial position. I'm sure you applied for it, I don't think they picked your name out of hat. Your entire complaint is too convoluted to be taken seriously and I bet your attorney won't take it seriously either. You sound like you aren't old enough to even be out of high school, it sounds like you are more interested in gossiping.

You aren't even mature enough or educated enough to realize you AREN'T on the web site for Jimmy John's Corporate Office. In fact you shouldn't even be referring to it as Jimmy Corporate, it should be Jimmy John's Corporate. Go back to school and get an education.

As far as paying your bills goes I bet you can still move in with your parents, which is actually where you belong from the sound of it.

to anonymous #976898

You sound like the kind of douchecanoe that her boss was.

Story sounds about right for the BS that happens in a food chain, nothing convoluted about it in any sense, I'm sorry you couldn't keep up with her simple story.

to anonymous #981395

Wow ignorant anonymous. You haven't the heart to make a comment anywhere.

Why in heaven's name did you write a comment so condescending. I'm sure you actually typed this bs, I don't think your keyboard did it on its own. Your entire comment is to fake to be taken with any thought and I bet no one else is going to give a rat's *** about what you have to say. You sound like you are so self righteous you might have a whole religion dedicated in your name.

You are so self-righteous and so caught up in your own superiority, you don't even realize you ARE on a high horse and I hope you enjoy a nice way down. Go back to the womb. As far as commenting goes, I bet you can just shut up and not do it, which you might stop you from looking like a douche by the sound of it. By the way you have officially won the Online Douchefuck Award.


I hope you feel special in some way. :)

to anonymous Cleveland, Ohio, United States #1254154

Dave Kuntz is heartless peice of *** to say the least.I've never seen someone so mean and rude to his employees in my life. As for not releasing her...

If he didn't have her sign a contract then he shouldn't get anything to release her. His own stupidity.

He's one of very few people I would like to put my hands on. He's just mad because his wife clearly wears the pants in their marriage and she bounces on every *** available but his.

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