I tried to order a slim 1 with lettuce and was told i can't do that even though i order frequently and they have always accommodated this order. Understanding that they couldn't do this, I asked which sandwich i could order that would have just lettuce, cheese, and ham.

He replied a #1 with no tomatoe. I ordered that, with a slim 1, and #11 unwich. After hanging up, I double checked online to make sure that the #1 would not have mayo. When I realized it did, u immediately contacted the store to let them know i would need that sandwich without mayo and that i had been misinformed.

The employee transferred me to a manager and blamed me for not stating that i didn't want mayo. He told me i needed to order it correctly last time as if i didn't know what i was talking about. He then did he'd have the order fixed and delivered. When the gal showed up, the order was for two #1 one without tomatoe.

Not only did the guy not tell me there was mayo on a #1, but he gave me a @1 in place of a slim 1 and then charged me the extra cost for it. I had to have the delIvery gal retake my order and come ask the way back.

They need to take care of their attitudes, let alone their ability to take phone orders. Even the delivery gal suggested i order online next time to avoid mess ups.

Review about: Jimmy Johns Sandwich.

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Round Lake, Illinois, United States #717930

im gonna have to agree with the other two, customers like you are what make our job hard


you're an ***. look at the menu you ***.

Island Lake, Illinois, United States #685614

That is your own fault for not knowing what you were ordering, your probably the type of customer that will read the menu for 5 mins and still order the wrong sandwich, yet blame it on the employees for messing your order up.

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