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I took my daughter to the Broadway location in Tucson, AZ for our first visit (we'd been wanting to try it for some time). This will be my last visit EVER to ANY Jimmie Johns.

We were the only ones in line and it took us awhile to decide what we wanted. The entire time the employees are rolling their eyes and making jokes among themselves. They knew it was our first time there so they proceeded to rob us blind. While the cashier is asking if we want chips and drinks the other guys are shouting "do you want avacados?", "do you want pickles?", etc.

They of course never bothered to tell us that everything they asked cost extra. Our bill for two of us was $21.00! After paying, I asked about our drinks and the guy tells us we didn't order drinks. So I ask what the heck cost $21.00 then and he couldn't tell me.

Ended up just giving me the drinks, probably because he didn't want to admit they ripped us off with all that other ***. I'd rather my sandwich takes an extra 30 seconds to make then to get ripped off by extremely rude, inept employees.

Review about: Jimmy Johns Sandwich.

Monetary Loss: $21.

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I got food poisoning at Tucson jimmy johns. Never eat there.


You're a *** ***. If you don't expect a business to upsell their products, then you're probably unemployed and uneducated. Please just kill yourself so your daughter doesn't grow up raised by a retard.


Why would the extras be free?

It's funny how many people on this site fail to

understand the basics of life. They upsell just

like any restaurant..."would you like to start with

and app. or a drink?"


So wait, you're shocked someone upsold you at a restaurant...and you're shocked those items cost money?

I have a feeling you're the type of customer that they probably don't want anyways.


Doesn't matter if you think I should know that pickles are extra - GASP. When someone anywhere asks if you want pickles, would you assume they are extra?

Hmmm. Clearly pushing extras is Jimmy John's MO. You obviously go there because you are rude yourself, in fact you probably work there because that is the exact attitude of the place.

Even more reason to never go back. Thank you for clearing that up.

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