What the ***? I wanted to try this place out and so I try to place a delivery order online and it says they don't deliver to my address. It's a nice neighborhood too!

So I call them up and I wait on hold for like 5 minutes while they try to make sure they are "allowed" to deliver to my address. "I don't want to get fired for delivering to you" (really for a place 1.5 miles away!?). The Pizza Hut yards away from them delivers here, and so does the Dominoes which is another mile away!

This place has the most *** corporate policies I've ever encountered.

For a place that seems to market itself purely on delivery this is pretty pathetic, I definitely won't be going in for a carry out order, ever.

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I live right down the road from one.Takes 2 or 3 minutes to drive down there and they won't deliver.

About a mile even.I used to order there sandwiches to my work that was across the parking lot divided by a small road and they'd take 10 minutes to drive to the other side of the road lol

Kennewick, Washington, United States #1327821

Call the corporate office (217)356-9900 When they did that to me the corporate office immediatly contacted the store and the owner of the store. They said they appreciate when customers let them know about issues, otherwise it goes unnoticed and doesn't get resolved for the next customer I got a call from the store that told me they couldnt deliver to me telling me they COULD deliver to my address and I got 2 free sandwiches as well! It's just a quick phone call and they answer the phone right away.


Jimmy Johns sucks for delivery.I lived 1.6 miles away and it took 45 mins consistently for delivery.

Their model doesn't work...at least in the last city I lived.Now, I'm 1.5 miles away and they won't deliver.

Miami, Florida, United States #1244537

That's because the delivery drivers are on bicycles. They are not gonna kill themselves out there just to get you a sammich.

to Anonymous #1331960

Not all of them are on bicycles. Don't act like you know everything.

Tucson, Arizona, United States #1230177

My old house was 2.2 miles away and the would deliver all the time, now I live 1.2 miles away and the will not...sounds dumb.


Ermahgerd!This is almost exactly the complaint I had.

I even Googled my own complaint and this came up!

I have a lot to add, but for the moment. I'm just going to wholeheartedly agree with this gentleman(or gentle lady?). Unfortunately.

My kids are addicted to Jimmy Johns.So I can't just let them out of my life just yet.

Indianapolis, Indiana, United States #1222879

Jimmy John's actually has an awesome corporate strategy and guerrilla marketing network. The small delivery zone is part of the speedy delivery. ESPECIALLY if youre in a densely populated area 1.5 miles just isn't feasible for their HIGHLY successful business model.

Llano Grande, Texas, United States #1210722

Jimmy johns whole selling point is that they are fast.They set their delivery ranges only to areas they know they can make it to in their time constraints because that is their niche.

They don't deliver to my house either. Do I like it? No.

But I respect that they stay true to their business model rather than trying to make everyone happy and jeopardizing their main objective.Delicious sandwiches, you are missing out by never going in, but based on your attitude that's probably better for them anyway.

to Anonymous Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States #1290344

Actually, that isn't true.

A jimmy john's location 3 minutes away from my house will not deliver, yet one that is located 8 minutes, and even another at 11 minutes, will.

That "fast and efficient" policy does not apply to their deliveries.

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