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I tried to order a delivery from the Park St location in Jacksonville FL. According to Google Maps: I work 3.5 miles away from them and I usually go to pick up for myself, but our office wanted to order for 10 employees and have it delivered; but we were too busy to leave, so I called to find out what was the range that they would deliver and they just said we don't deliver that far...

I asked what was the distance that they would deliver and they put me on the phone with a manager; who I asked the same question to and she only wanted to know what was my location and I repeated the question as to find out what the limitation of delivery distance was and she threw the phone down and put the 1st guy back on the phone... I still never received an answer so I assume they have too much business to take us serious... Our company caters food for the employees once a week and we feed more than 50 a week; and I was simply trying to arrange something with them; but doesn't seem like the Park St location is interested.

We do like Jimmy Johns so we may have to just go a little further to the Hendrix Ave location to get our lunches from now on... David.

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Mountain View, California, United States #996864

There's no set distance, each store has a mapped out delivery area and it just depends whether your address is within the area or not. They definitely will not deliver 3.5 miles away though, the delivery radius is limited to about 1.5 miles.

to Anonymous #997259

I believe the range may even be limited to about 5-10 minutes of the store to keep the times as low as possible. And as someone who has worked at a Jimmy John's it is sad to say that the customer is out of range, because once that is said.....well the customer is not very happy and becomes very rude in some cases.

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