I am in a nursing rehab facility in Westmont, IL. The food here sucks.

I wanted to order 3-4 sandwiches for delivery in Westmont and was told they don't deliver to this address. WTF kind of company is this? It's in the same town! The customer service was non-existant.

I called and asked for the phone number for the corporate HQ and the 'manager' told me there is no # for their HQ. @ssholes. I will never go to this place again and will encourage everyone I know to do the same.

When you talk to them on the phone...very rude. Hope JJ's goes under, they SUCK.

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I work at a Jimmy John's personally and we do have a strict delivery area. If someone is out of it we can only do a pickup order.

We can't deliver outside of the assigned delivery zone or we get in trouble with corporate. Other places are different with their deliveries every company is different.


The corporate rules this place makes are ***.

There is a one of these sh1tholes 1.5 miles away from me and they won't deliver to my subdivision even though the Pizza Hut yards away from them will, and the dominoes over 2 miles away will as well.

Peoria, Illinois, United States #719689

We are two and a half miles from a JJ's. We called and asked for 3 sandwiches and were told that they didn't deliver to "our" area.

Our area is a national chain grocery store in a strip mall with a police firing practice range behind it. We drove to the store and made the purchase where I again questioned their delivery area. One of the clerks answered that none of the stores in our city cover that area.

Obviously that business is making enough money that they don't need what our area would spend with them, and I will be happy to spend mine elsewhere.

French Gulch, California, United States #717223

Places that deliver food, be it sandwiches, pizza, or the like have certain limits as to how far they will deliver from the store.

The fact that you are in the same city has nothing to do with it.

New York City is also one city but I can assure you if you call the Jimmy Johns in Brooklyn they will not deliver to Manhattan.

Thus the reason many towns have multiple Jimmy Johns, Pizza Huts, or what have you.

Perhaps yours doesn't and the one Jimmy Johns in town doesn't deliver all the way to you. You could try having a family member or friend stop in and pick a few sandwiches up for you. Or just go without.

I am sure the corporate heads at JJ's are quivering in fear of you and your social circle boycotting their business.

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #716999

I bet the food in the facility you are in is more healthful than the sandwiches would be. Furthermore, did you ever stop to think maybe there are rules against delivering to facilities like you are in?

Being you have access to a computer you can hunt and find the corporate phone number for Jimmy John's online. Do something for yourself.

Another thing, if you order 3-4 sandwiches at one time, you wouldn't be able to eat them all while they were fresh.

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