Got my usually sandwich and unlike other times there was not enough meat and seemed to be over flowing with lettuce, wish they would keep sone consistently with there ratio.I really like Jimmyjohn but i also like cconsistency when i am used to getting my product a certain way just like it to stay that way.So if they would just keep it the bwst way i know it that would be great and i will happily continue to go back timw and time again. Soin cclosing love the product.

Just wish to keep having a great experience. Thank You

Review about: Jimmy Johns Sandwich.

Monetary Loss: $5.

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Green Bay, Wisconsin, United States #899590

We did weigh out everything, and we do have high quality meats. a 15 pound roast beef costs around 75-100 dollars.

I am very sorry to hear that the experience wasn't pleasurable for you. We cannot change our meat weights, and the lettuce.

Well thats just in-shops not knowing how to do their job. All subs have portions that are near exact that should be followed by every sub maker across the nation.

Akron, Ohio, United States #761590

Well Jimmy John's only puts a little bit of meat on their subs. I mean on a 8" sub you get like 58-64 grams of meat (which is barely 2 ounces).

I know I used to work there. I was like who the *** uses weights in grams are we in F'ing Europe?


I would like you to learn how to spell.

to Anonymous #758554

But the consistency and steady flow of idiotic posts are so entertaining

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