my wife went to your golden valley location and and had one of the servers be really nasty and he did not want to make the sandwiches for my wife and then would not give her a bag or any napkins and would just stand around and do nothing so please do something about that because that location will lose our service if it happens again thank chris jensen other than that your sandwiches are very good and no other complaints so thank you very very very much thank you christopher jensen your valued customer thanks chrisjensen and christie jensen thanks

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Mission, Kansas, United States #832432

Your wifes a lazy ***. Tell her to get off her *** and grab her own *** bag they sit out for that very reason.


Isn't your wife mature enough to do her own complaining or are you one of those control freaks that think women can't do anything? How was the server nasty to your wife?

You really should put that into your complaint and just maybe your precious wife didn't tell you all of the story.

It could be that when she didn't like his attitude she could have got nasty back at him and that could be the reason she didn't get a bag or napkins. You know there are two sides to every story.

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