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This was my first time eating a Jimmy John's Sub or visiting the restaurant I was highly upset with the service I received and the sub was dry and nasty. I will not be recommending any coworkers or friends to this restaurant and the price I paid for the nasty sub and poor service made it even worst.

the next time I think about trying something new I will stick to what I know and go to subway. I am very unhappy and I never knew staff could be so rude and unhelpful when at is what they get paid to do.

Monetary Loss: $8.

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the worst jimmy johns is the one near walsh college. there bread is either underdone or overdone never quite right.

they also are never open by 1030 as i try to get a sandwich before by 1050 class at walsh. their tomatoes are always disgusting as they either are mushy and slimy and the cucumbers are always cut way too thick. usually the lettuce is brown too.

on top of that the people working in the morning are always listening to questionable music and so loud that they dont hear people come in. not to mention the blonde lady is incredibly unfriendly and always short with everyone whether its customers or other employees.


I agree jimmy johns sandwiches are the worst!!

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #815641

Next time you complain....tell us why....what happened? I'm sure this rant makes sense to you....but to the rest of us.....whinning


You know what somehow I have the feeling that you work for Subway and or the staff being rude was by saying no and not changing the rules just for you.

to Anonymous #817027

subway is better $5 footlong vs $6 8 inch sub. most jimmy johns subs dont include cheese and you have to pay more.

i used to go to jimmy johns alot but now go to the subway down the road from my school. the subway employees are always much nicer too.

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