I've been to this Jimmy John's several weeks ago, and ordered a Slim 2 (bread with roast beef) and avocado. I ordered it to go, and when I go to eat it, there was barely any signs of avocado.

The only thing I saw that resembled avocado was the light green coloring on the bread. Today, I go back to the same one, thinking that the first time was just a mess up. I ordered the same thing, but told them about my previous experience, and the girl making my sandwich said she will be sure to put avocado in it. Stupidly, I trusted her, and off I go.

Now, I'm eating it, and there are barely any avocado! There are hints of "avocado spread" here and there, and that was it. They didn't even fill up the entire bread with roast beef!

I basically have bread with some meat to eat. I am very disappointed and would not recommend anyone to go to Jimmy John's.

Review about: Jimmy Johns Sandwich.

Monetary Loss: $5.

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Slim 2 = Meat on Bread


your wrong, avo isnt a freebie, go ask your gm ***. all stores are the same in this company so dont give me any jive

Lee's Summit, Missouri, United States #1072559

its always 66 grams of roast beef, there not going to sit there and stare at your *** bread and make sure every inch is covered in roast beef. your just the standard complaint. getting mad at a company for keeping its word and following systems and procedures.


Ew... why would you eat this garbage? If you want a sandwich, why don't you buy the components and make your own at home?


Consider yourself lucky you got any. I work at a Jimmy John's in Illinois and they weren't supposed to give you any avo.

to Anonymous Smithville, Missouri, United States #1216945

That is wrong. I am a manager for a Jimmy John's.

Avo is not a freebie, it absolutely can be added to the Slims. If your store is not allowing this you need to talk to your GM and tell them to reconfirm with their business coach.

Birmingham, Alabama, United States #935352

Stand right there at the counter, and when they hand you your order, take it out of the bag, open it up and see if it is like you wanted. If not, you are already standing there, so they can fix it the right way.

to carole Vallejo, California, United States #1095315

Correct! And, don't let them take the next customer in line until they do.


I remember a time at my local Jimmy John's during my picky eating days... I ordered a slim 6 which is a double provolone sandwich and the guy who made it only put single provolone (half of what I should expect to get and paid for) They did make me a new one the right way but still, the whole thing kind of made me mad.



to stan the man Vallejo, California, United States #1095320

HUH? Did the slice of cheese have a date stamp?

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