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Matt Buss doesn't even run his own business but has teenagers doing it for him whiles hes living it up on vacations left and right. Occasionally, every few months comes in to *** everyone out.

Also, all the employees are hooking up and smoking pot. It's basically a place for teens to have a job without actually having one. This place is going under extremely fast. I wouldn't eat here if you paid me!

Don't trust any northland jimmy johns because they are all buss enterprises; which he's pretty much handed to a 24 year old boy to hire all his friends. There's always something wrong with the stores when the health inspector shows up. To sum it up...its ran by a self righteous *** that can't do his job and gets mad his hungover pothead teen employees aren't doing their jobs correctly.

Also their freezer is defective and when it breaks down fully they shove all the ingredients into a trunk to take to another store. It's absolutely disgusting and disgraceful.

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Your "review" paints you as the jealous crybaby you are. LMFAO!


i was one of the general managers i quit due to him having relations with a women in the kitchen

to Anonymous #1072547

you sound like a ***, why would you quit over that? jealousy?

was it your girlfriend? this is america, get women and money.


Wow dude, thanks for sharing. I have never eaten there due to the wacko endangered game hunter owner...

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