On October 28, 2017. I was on my way home from work.

I work on Gallatin Pike N, in Madison, Tn. Im sitting at the red light when a Mazda 6 comes on me real fast, and almost reared ended me. So I move up some, and he did the same, so I motion him to back off. Well, he moved even close which I was surprised their was room to do so.

So the light changes and I go forward, and I'm in the inside lane and a Nissan Rogue was in the out side lane beside me. Now were on River Gate Parkway. But this white Mazda keeps on my tail. Then he gets behind the Nissan.

But we can't go anywhere, there's traffic in front of us. This is at 5:00 pm. So he gets behind me again, and he almost hits me again. The Nissan gets a chance to move up some, so he darts between them and the car behind the Rogue.

Then were side by side. So I give him a look my kids know there in trouble. Didn't faze him. Nothing.

So I call the store there in Madison, and ask to speak to the manager, and I was told he wasn't there. So I asked did anybody that drove a white Mazda, 'no', nobody here did, try one of the stores. But he asked me what did he look like. Fat or thin.

So I told him. Thin with dark hair, and a close cut beard. Nope didn't work here. That didn't fly, I new better.

So later I went by the store, and there was the car, and the guy that was driving it behind the counter. So on my way home today, I drive by there again to make sure it was him, and there he was behind the counter. The car is a Mazda 6 with Davidson County license plates, tag number, N42 28J.

I understand that your slogan is Speedy Fast, but being Reckless while you're driving and in danger of other people is going a little too far. Next time I will complain to the police department and I will call the TV station about your employees.

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