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Where is it?

I started eating my sandwich and noticed that I could neither taste nor see the "avocado spread". I looked closely and opened up my sandwich and then saw that they had indeed put a TINY amount on. (I have attached a photo so you can see for yourself)

I brought the sandwich back to the store and complained and they told me that was their "corporate policy". I am well past being sick and tired of having people tell me "it's our policy" as some kind of blanket excuse for being lame to their customers or just plain ripping them off.

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As a vegetarian, while they don't put lots and lots on I have no problem tasting it at all.Besides if they put lots and lots on it really stops being healthy for you, it's a lot of calories.

If you are really having a problem tasting it and it's so important have them take out the lettuce or maybe your just fat and greedy and enjoy making other people miserable.

Do you think that guy really deserved you telling at him over some SAUCE.Seriously you need to grow up and be an adult.


Unexpected some1 2 feel bad for u because u have a crappy job??lol its petty to you because you r not paying for it or spending your money.Really??U r gonna get fired for extra avo sauce?

Get real!! I have a REAL JOB and I spend REAL MONEY so stopmfcknncomplaining and ngetbabreal job.

If u don't like ppl get another job.Besides if u r over 18 still making food i feel bad for u.

to Anonymous Orlando, Florida, United States #1273526

1 tblspn is the portion size of avocado spread at a jimmy john's store.yes, it is a relatively small amount, but that's the standard portion size.

if that is a problem to you, dont *** pay for it. or else pay for extra extra avocado, dude. if its that big of a deal, then dont eat at jimmy johns. over the course of a year, if you put more avo on a sandwich everytime someone said they couldn't see it, or it wasn't enough, thats almost $1 per extra portion you're giving away.

probably happens once a day.thats $365 at least, if you had a "REAL" job, you'd probably know how business works, and how COGS effect your profit at a store.


I really do not understand for the life of me how people can be so rude and obnoxious to people that work in a chain of any sort.Since I work in retail I can tell you this....

WE DO NOT MAKE THE RULES! but we do have to follow them.

Sorry we don't want to lose our job to break the rules just for you.Get off your high horse


Yeah I worked there and you're only supposed to put a tea spoon on which I don't think is enough at all. I always try to give people a good amount, I'm sorry you had a bad experience! Tip: They always put the avo on in between the cheeses so if you don't see it on there at all, check the cheese!

Norfolk, Virginia, United States #828948

This kind of winey *** is what minimum wage workers have to deal.Yes all you pretentious yuppies we don't give *** that you feel like you didn't get enough avo on your sandwich.

We have real problems on our mind like how we are going to live off of 7 dollars an hour.Pay for some extra avo u winey ***

Omaha, Nebraska, United States #825453

You've obviously never worked a job where you have to deal with customers face to face.There is a certain amount they put on your sandwich just like every other place that offers avocado.

It is corporate policy and there is nothing the people who work in the store can do about it.Seriously, every time I get a sandwich from there with avocado it is squishing out of the end of my sandwich, so I'm not sure what the big deal is, maybe you should ask for twice the amount and pay double next time...


The avo is between the cheese.It's usually hard to see if you look at the sandwich from this angle.

However I can see where the avo is on this sandwich, if you look to the right side about 1/4 inch in we see a little light green smear coming out that is dissplaced from the lettuce. If you were to order a #12 for example only one table spoon of avo is put into the sandwich. (Slightly small amount for the price) they split this table spoon size serving in half and place it on the first layer of cheese which gets instantly covered by another portion of cheese.

It's very hard to notice unless you take apart the whole sandwich.I would lable this comment under consumer error at best.

to Anonymous #881562

Exactly, too bad they do not sell eye glasses as well so that he can see where they put it.


It's a corporate set standard. "Don't shoot the messenger"

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