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Hello-- I went to your Mason City Iowa franchise today for a quick ***. I always go to this franchise it's a really great store. However, today at the drive thru was a different experience. Two cars ahead of me at 1250. 15 minutes later I pulled up to the actual window. The man working the window say, $9.04. I said, what was the hold up? I waited 15 minutes to pull up to the window. Maybe my meal should be free. He calls a woman to the window...
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Waited in a long line and a girl came up and filled out my order "a Vito , no onion, on multi grain bread" as I looked at the card filled out it said "onion" boldly. So I got concerned that it wasn't going to be right. The girl that was filling out the cards through the line told me the multi grain bread was $.50 more. I said that was fine. But when I got to the register I was charged $5.38 instead of $1.59. I was really upset when he told me...
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Now I can say there is something wrong with EVERY order!It had been several months since I ordered; thought I would give them the benefit of the doubt... But NO! Disappointed again! I get Bread that is hard and difficult to *** into...YUK! Surely they know when they cut into it to make it?... since it is supposedly made fresh to order?? It is very disappointing. And I always ask for mayo packets and they forget them!! Twice I made them go back...
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I liked
  • Super fast delivery
The Vito #5 is not supposed to have mayo. It is supposed to be an Italian sub. The menu does not list mayo as one of the ingredients. If I don't specifically tell then NO MAYO, they will put mayo on it. If I tell them NO MAYO, they rudely tell me there is no mayo an a Vito, look at my like I am an ***, and then proceed to put Mayo on it anyway. I am never going to Jimmy Johns again.
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