Jimmy Johns Turkey Tom Sandwich Reviews

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Received a dirty napkin which wasn't a big deal. Half way through my sandwich and found one short blond hair poking out of the turkey. Took a closer look to confirm and I almost puked. I am afraid to ever go back to this place again. If you are a manager, please have your staffs be extra careful because I really like your sandwiches. Now whenever I see Jimmy Johns, I picture that short blonde hair sticking out of the turkeu slice. Gross..
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Anonymous This is in Hamilton Blvd by the way

Well let's just say no customers in the store 4 workers 3 cars parked in the only 3 spots in front of store when the rest of the lot was empty an poring rain so the customer had to walk across the parking lot in poring rain! While all 4 workers 3 of them delivery drivers?? Odd! Stayed nice and dry! Second order a number 4 yes quick quick quick is the idea at jimmy johns not one other customer in the store but I got a number 6! Ordered a 4 got a...
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