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I need to mention that besides my irritation with jimmy johns policy my husband LOVES his job and is a super manager. My hate is only my hate not his. He doesn\'t want to look for another job, he\'s comfortable, and i would be fine with him working their if the sick policy wasn\'t so ***.

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My husband has a fever of 101 and he needs to stay home.He's not a little sick, he has a FEVER, is pale, looks awful and feels awful!

But instead i got into a fight with him about how he needs to stay home and rest. Nope Jimmy Johns offers no sick days, and because he's a manager he can't call on his other managers to take his place because all of them work an ungodly amount of time, 12 hour plus days. If he doesn't show up to work even if he tells everyone he's sick he will be FIRED. WTF?

The only way he can not to work is if he goes to the hospital, ie: if he's on his death bed, and even then they'd probably threaten him with losing his job because of the absence. I'm not even asking for PAID sick leave. I am so furious right now I seriously hate jimmy johns and he can't even look for another job because of how many hours he works.

When you work for jimmy johns you give up your life and your family, get paid terribly and feel tired all the time.EFFF YOU JIMMY JOHN.

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Dude this is legit though. And many people at my job have express their anger at this but any manager (that is human) is willing to let you go home if they feel you may contaminate the food. But every branch of Jimmy Johns is different and no matter what the rules and policies are the same, it just depends as to who is willing to follow them.

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Well obviously your store is not the same as this woman's husband's store.Working with a 101 fever and no health insurance for management and 12 hour days is not lacking a "work ethic." When you grow up you might understand.

I expect you are parroting what your hardass dad says to you.

I had one of those too.Don't listen to everything he says.


Actually I work at a jimmy johns and I am allowed to call in sick if need be.My managers encourage us not to come in if we're sick so it doesn't spread.

They work with us to find a sub or fill in as well. Also, when one of my managers is sick, the others work with them if possible to trade shifts. And as far as things like health insurance go? I'm a college student, as are my coworkers, and it's not uncommon for jobs not to offer us those kinds of benefits.

We work only the hours we are capable of and our general manager does a great job working with all of our schedules. Just because the policy might state that we have to find a replacement (which is COMPLETELY understandable) doesn't mean our bosses abandon us.

Long hours and responsibility?That's not slave driving, that's work ethic, something everyone seems to forget about anymore.


I'm a contractor who did finish work on a new JJ in the area.I spent allot of time there after they opened, doing finishing touches.

I was shocked at the hours those kids (everyone one was a kid, even the main manager. He was a punk kid, had to be right out of high school, who thought he was something great) put in, and around the clock too... anyway.... That's crazy about not letting somebody call in sick.

Still a temp of 101 is not the end of the world. I've worked through much worse. He and his wife just need to learn some work ethic.

Life is hard, work is harder, and you can always quite.I really could care less about the slave monkeys who work their...there sandwiches are pretty *** good :)

to Big Country #591872

The thing you people need to remember - those slave monkeys who are coming to work sick are sneezing/coughing/breathing on YOUR food.The policy at the JJ's is that if you are sick, you have to try to get your shift covered, and if you can't, you either come in or it's a write-up.

Jimmy also doesn't want to pay for health insurance for his employees.

So the next time you go into a Jimmy John's and see some kid making your sandwich who is obviously not quite feeling so hot, remember all this.And don't cry when you get sick too.

to JJsemp #627247

You got that wrong, in my franchise it's, if you can't find someone to cover your shift and don't show up, you quit.

to pikachu94 #770098

Ohhhh...so it's all semantics then?So you're saying that "quit" is the same thing as "fired" then.

Ok.But still, at Jimmy Johns, you are literally not allowed to call in sick.

to Big Country #990036

Jesus, you sound like a real ***.101 isn't that bad?

To be around food??

You don't care about the "slave monkeys" who work there?What a dipshit you are.


This just in! Quit your whinning,exercise that great right we all enjoy! Freedom to whine, but freedom to quit and get another job, you should also pitch in!!!!


;) this is true being a manager is bad..at times but it is the responsibility we take accepting it i was a mgr at jjs and yes i was asked to bring drs note for having surgery!!!!!Ridiculous especially when the *** who requested threw it away -_- but i did have another person who covered and as soon as i came back i covered her shifrs its about communication but if you guys hate it find something else.

I did now i work 40 hrs better than 60+ get paid if i choose ot and gwt paid more!!With pto every week its possible make a change if u dont like it

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