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Company ordered lunch for us today, and this is the sticker that was on my sandwich. As a Christian I was offended, and I won't be ordering Jimmy John's again, and I will make sure I share this picture with all my brothers and sisters in CHRIST

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Okay first off to the idiots thinking first Christmas as has anything to do with Christ. It has nothing to do with him.

At all. Idiots.

Secondly. Do not take offense to such simple things.

Do you feel violated of sorts because it didn't say seasons greetings? I hope you were offended because of the fact Xmas is a false pegan Saturn worshipping holiday and not because your just some doucebag who actually posted this.

3/10 try harder next time. This didn't make me laugh.


This must be a troll because if not, you deserve a sticker that says "*** YOU*

Tulsa, Oklahoma, United States #897600

Wow. Seriously?

The x means Christ!!! That's why people call Christina Aguilera "x-Tina"




Xmas and Christmas are one and the same, you paranoid f.o.o.l. The use of the X has been around since the 16th century.

It is NOT the X from the English alphabet, but rather from the Greek Alphabet. The first letter of the Greek name Christos (Christ) is an X. I suggest you spend some time googling or yahoo searching this subject. And please, educate your friends and family.

As I said, the use of the Xmas spelling has been around since the 16th century and it is not until lately, it seems, that people are misguided by their own ignorance that they actually believe something "anti-Christ" is going on. So much for human progression!


You're a *** contradicting overly religious ***. It says nothing to offend any type of religion. Learn to live in reality and not in your little "peace of mind I'm going to heaven because I follow my god" mindset.

Chicago, Illinois, United States #890544

Get over it. Trust me, Jesus would want you to. Not everyone lives in your small little world, even if you desperately want them to.

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