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I backed into an illegally parked jimmy johns delivery person and noe I have to fight insurance really crappy. The fact that they park with the owners permission illegally should be dealt with by corporate .

The owner doesn't seem to get the fact that now every one I know will boycott jimmy johns and considering the fact we spend 20.00 once a week and have numerous friends who do the same I hope he feels it in his pocket book.

Truly lousy management that does not insure workers obey the laws. I had liked thief sandwiches but no longer

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Katy, Texas, United States #608054

cherub, if you get sick everytime you eat a JJs, why do you continue eating there?? :grin


Even if he was illegally parked, it's still your responsibility as a driver to pay attention to what you are doing. Yeah they did something wrong.

That doesn't make up for you not looking where you were going and backing into them. Next time check your mirrors and blind-spots or stop driving


Every time I have been to Jimmy Johns the counter people are rude.. the orders are wrong and when you call to tell them the order is wrong theyy act like its not their problem...on any givven day any time of boss loves this place and has our partys and meeting caterd by them or they order out for lunch..everytime I eaten at Jimmy Johns.I have gotten horibly sick...they need a customer service class.... :x


if you ever see anyone in a fire lane you can simply call the local fire marshall. the owner/manager of the store is only allowing the workers to park there because no-one from the fire or law department has shown up.

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