Jimmy Johns Country Club Sandwich Reviews

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Stopped at the Alton IL store- Purchased a #11 sandwich on wheat bread, which was absolutely trashed.The sandwich had been smashed so bad the bread was broken/smashed in little pieces, you literally could not pick up the sandwich, I had to eat it in little pieces like finger food. The mayo was squirted out all over the sandwich, the lettuce was old and turned brown on all the edges.Unfortunately I did not find out how bad the sandwich was until...
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Today I heard about a customer appreciation day for $1 sandwiches so I called Jimmy John's and employee seemed rushed and just told me yes without explaining that it ended at 3pm.My mom is visiting this week, so I decided to take her out for the day. We went to several places before going to Jimmy John's (deciding to have it for dinner even though it was out of our way and put us in traffic). When we got to the 3001 South Broadway #1302...
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I went to Jimmy John's and was ordering a #11 with light mayo and Honey Dijon mustard on wheat bread, but before I could even finish with my order she was giving me a total as soon as I said #11. The sandwich had normal mayo and barely any Honey Dijon Mustard. The staff was so rude and all they were doing was talking among themselves. (Laughing and Carrying On). I am so glad this isn't my regular Jimmy John's in my area and that I was only in...
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Anonymous Dijon Mustard and Easy Mayo... Glad I could clarify that for you lol


Anonymous Jimmy John's does not have "Honey Dijon" mustard. They have Grey Poupon, which is regular Dijon, there is no honey in it whatsoever. It's so dumb when people ask for their own...

I didn't like
  • Customer service
  • Rude employees