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Tried Jimmy Johns in Tucson,AZ for the first time last evening. I was very unimpressed. For the price they charge for a " Gourmet"sandwich, the quality was well below par. I ordered the Club LuLu. The tomatoes were from the very end of the tomato, no flavor and difficult to *** into. The bacon looked like it was a week old, hard as a rock and again difficult to chew. On the plus side, the 9 Grain Wheat Bread was very good and the delivery...
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Ordered two 8" sandwiches.Was told total was $34. Asked why, and he said b/c of combo (a small drink and chip). When asked for drink and chip to be removed, no longer being a combo, total came to just under $13. Client was unprofessional. And asked for CSV number on card. Every other delivery place does not ask for that #. Overall, service SUCKED! Feeling safe with CC info SUCKED! Really feel like the 'kid' is going to steal my $. Remember, he...
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Anonymous So you wanted to add chips and drinks to a meal, but you didn't want to pay for it? It costs extra money to buy extra things, you know.
Also, most places, especially if you...

First and foremost, I love Jimmy Johns sandwiches, especially the No. 8 Billy Club. But, holy cow, the JJ location at 216 W. Jackson in Chicago charges so much for that sandwich compared to others in the Chicago area. Plus, they skimp on the veggies and the bread is not cut to the correct size. They cut the bread smaller. Heck, if I'm gonna pay close to $9 for a sandwich, I want my moneys worth. The last time I went there, I swore I just...
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