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We were told over the phone that one person could go and order separate sandwiches and pay them one at a time if there were more than one to order. when we got there the line was monumental and I decided to ask the manager if two people could go in and place the orders, I was told we had to make the line for EACH order... Very disappointed... I could not make a line 17 times!... That is truly NOT Customer appreciation day... We will not be ordering Jimmy Johns...
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I have been a BIG fan of JJ for a long time...but after the incredibly rude treatment by staff at our Boynton Beach store today during Customer Appreciation Day, basically ridiculing dozens of us waiting in line to find another store and that we were too cheap to pay full price... I will NEVER be back. The line was out the door, and now there is an angry mob in the parking lot... thank goodness the Subway down the street accepted us with open...
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Went to Jimmy Johns on Stelton Road in Piscataway, NJ. They stated they are not participating in the one dollar sandwiches today. This is annoying. I only have 1 hour for lunch, and no time to go to another location farther away. Many customers came in, and were sorely disappointed. This is bad business. They advertised online, and NO Deal at this location. Several of my coworkers and I went. This is horrible. I only had money for the promotion.
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It is very upsetting that a Jimmy Johns my office knows was participating in the customer appreciation day happened to be closed due to maintenance on the day of the $1 appreciation day. I don’t know if it was planned or not but that Jimmy Johns is always packed and I am sure I am not the only one wondering.  Becasue of this my entire office had to subject ourself to subway.   I just thought I would point this out since I know...
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I am VERY disappointed in our local Jimmy Johns in Gainesville Ga! On top of being a hospital employee and them taking forever to get the order to you today is supposed to be "customer appreciation" day with $1 subs.. Well NOT at our store. I went asked about it and they were very rude to me and told me that they were not participating. Told me this while there were people outside the store waiting! Did they mind to tell them? No. So I did....
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Jimmy John's customer appreciation with $1 sandwiches 04-21-2016 when I got to this store the store had a sign on door that says does not participate . Obviously this Jimmy John's does not appreciate their customers.
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Anonymous Yup, same issue at a store I visited. Went to location in zip 30101 and told us to go visit another store. Said as franchise they can do what they want. Appears only select...