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Thank you so much for Customers Appreciation Day It was awesome!! I live in the Birmingham Al and was at the Jimmy John Sandwich Shop located at 1919 11th avenue south the five point area.You received your ticket while in line the lines moved fast and the customer service was Awesome!. Hope there will be other promotions like that one. Maybe this Appreciation Day will encourage other business in the area to follow your lead. this are is a where...
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I liked
  • Cleanliness
  • Speed of making sandwich
  • Sandwiches
I walked in to jimmy johns today to ask about the $1 subs because I was clueless about the promotion. Turns out it had ended already, which was totally fine. I've never had food here, and probably never will after today, so it wasn't a big deal. Your employee was beyond rude when I asked what subs were included in the proportion. He answered in a horrible tone and said, "none of them anymore!" And looked at me like I was ***. It was a simple...
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The TV and Radio stations announced for several days and on the internet, that today April 21, 2016 was National Customer Appreciation Day for Jimmy Johns and that between the hours of 11am-3pm you could obtain a Sub Sandwich for $1.00. I visited a Jimmy John in Mt. Zion, Il. and stood in line only to find out once I got up the cashier they then indicated that the only location doing the $1.00 Customer Appreciation was at the Downtown location...
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I didn't like
  • Poor customer relations
Someone posted on Facebook the Jimmy John's special, of a dollar sandwiches April 21st, I got suckered into your lie!When I arrived at 5:30 the store owner manager, who was very nice, explained that it was only till 3 p.m. . He also informed me that not only were people complaining like me that I never saw any time date but also that it wasn't included for a delivery so here's to you Jimmy John's for false advertising! The jokes on you because...
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He decided to treat me to lunch there, and much to our surprise not one of the franchise Jimmy Johns in our area were honoring the ad. Not only were we disappointed but there were a number of people (at least 40) who walked out, or walked up to the door, read the half sheet note about not doing the ad. If we had known we would have not gone. Needless to say we went to Subway and had an excellent sandwich. Never again will we go to a corporation...
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I was under the impression that all Jimmy Johns locations was doing the customer appreciation $1 subs. There was a big crowd waiting outside to enter the establishment since 10:30 and at 11am they announced that this Jimmy Johns location was not doing the $1 promotion. The store was listed as one of the restaurants offering it and is unfortunate especially since I've eaten at this establishment before. The store location was 3234 w foster...
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kept hearing on radio 1$ sub on 4/21/2016 commercial didn't say only one store in my town with 7 stores would be doing this.me and about 50 other people where waiting in line when a customer not an employee told us it was a lie. when i got back to work i recorded the commercial and it in no way even hinted to this. I know i will never eat another jj sub they are done to me. I remember when there were laws to protect against false advertisement....
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I didn't like
  • Being duped by comercial
I stopped at the Starbucks in la quint this morning and while parking in the Handicap spot I noticed the Jimmy John $1.00 banner.I cam back at 2:30 to get 2 subs.I waited in line for 15 minutes and when I got to the cashier I ordered 2 if the Slim subs, the least expensive of all. I was told that I needed to have two people in line too get 2 subs. I was not told before that it was one sub per person. The sign out front did not say 1 sub per...
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Me & my niece went to Jimmy Johns today for customer appreciation day. We were very disappointed when we arrived before 3:00 to get our $1 sub we were told by the employee standing in line that anyone behind her will have to pay regular price for their sub. I said what do you mean it's not even 3:00 yet the promotion is from 11:00- 3:00! She said you can speak to manager when you get in there but, anyone behind me has to pay full price. I am...
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1.00 deal was great hope they do it every week bought, 4 and the people were so nice on Wilmington Pk in Centerville Oh.will have to make it a regular stop every week. Had a hard time eating all 4 but they were good. Got the 1,2,3,& 5. Standing in line found someones pay check on ground so called to tell them so they could come back and get. He sure was happy to see me. All and all a good experience and day.Wish This didn't need to be so long...
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