Had Jimmy John's last night December 31, 2012 and I was charged approx 20% over the menu price, when I called and talked to the manager, she told me that they had not had time to print a new menu to reflect the price increase. She saw absolutely nothing wrong with charging more than the printed price on the menu that they were still delivering with the food.

Wow didn't see that coming! I asked to get contact info for the General Manager and she took my number for the GM to call me, not so sure that will ever happen.

Monetary Loss: $4.

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Summerfield, Florida, United States #1166359

Jimmy Johns phone Co???


Anonymous: jimmy John's practices racism in the southwest!

Murfreesboro, Tennessee, United States #938324

The additional cost is for the delivery charge you *** asshat. Go work in the food industry for a week and straighten yourself out.

You do realize that the IRS allows approximately 40-50 cents PER MILE put on your personal vehicle for tax deductions because of the wear-and-tear it causes, right? I highly doubt Jimmy John's drivers can do this, but for corporate jobs, this is a standard itemized deduction. If it's costing a driver nearly a dollar for every two miles, then there has to be an additional charge for a delivery. ALL places that deliver do this, including Pizza Hut and Papa John's.

This is common sense. If you're that upset over a few extra dollars, then make your own f**king sandwiches at home. And drive yourself to the grocery store since they don't deliver. Morons like you are what make people's lives so difficult.

And websites like this cater to people who simply want to complain and hope people actually care about their pathetic little problems.

Here's an idea for you. Go into a children's hospital and go to the cancer unit or the burn unit. Go in and complain to a child, to their family, to the nurses about your huge debacle with Jimmy John's and your 20% price jump for a delivery. See if you can do that while looking into the eyes of a child who will not live past the age of 10, or into the eyes of a mother who will not get the chance to see her son or daughter walk across the stage to get their high school diploma, or into the eyes of a doctor who has to inform a patient that they were not able to obtain the right organ for a transplant and that he/she only has a few days to live.

Are your *** problems with Jimmy John's really that big of a deal?

If they are, then you have a wonderful f**king life and no real problems. Go do Habitat for Humanity, or work at a local animal shelter, or maybe at a soup kitchen.

Find out what REALLY causes people pain, suffering, and despair. Maybe then you won't take time out of your day to complain about *** sh*t when you could be helping others who clearly need it.

to Lobster #1379320

Wow, that escalated quickly and irrelevantly. The OP stated the increased price was due to actual product price increase, as stated by the manager and not yet reflected in their printed advertisements.

A delivery charge is a separate charge as noted on the receipt, which is not what the OP was saying. Actually, other than implying that delivery was the method of his acquisition of the product, he didn't make and positive or negative connotation at all regarding the delivery service, person, or fee.

Overcharging above printed prices is illegal, which is why at supermarkets if you are charged more than the sticker price you can get 10x the difference back. I would assume this consumer protection applies in retail and food service too.

That being said, all minimum wage (or server jobs below that) are underpaid, and there are much bigger problems in the world to be solved, but neither of these issues were the topic at hand of the complaint.

Detroit, Michigan, United States #726206

In the printed menu, if you look at the very SMALL fine print it will tell you that delivery costs MORE, BUT it doesn't tell you by how much. Look for those hidden fees next time.


The entire company raised prices, the GM has no say in the manner. JJ's sends an e-mail saying how it will be and there's no choice but to follow orders.

Prices were just increased and it really doesn't help the drivers out, since the delivery fee is NOT a tip.

5% of the total is given to the driver, which usually is less than $0.50 to drive food to ungrateful lazy-***.

Oh did I mention pay is less than minimum wage. Tip your driver.

to 66Smash Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States #615104

Wow...I'll get right on that. You're clearly a delivery driver.

When you assume your consumers are "ungrateful lazy-***" there is a fat chance someone is getting an additional tip. Maybe if you weren't so rude and condescending, less than minimum wage would be in the cards. ***.

to 66Smash #694601

Really, 66smash? You call your customers ungrateful lazy *** but expect a tip? I hope you get nothing, you ***.

Greensboro, North Carolina, United States #588539

I noticed a hike on my delivery area menu prices through the online ordering site. It turns out that my local restaurant does not charge a delivery fee, but compensates for delivery by adding $1.25 for each sandwich ordered from the menu.

That means a $2.50 extra charge if I order two sandwiches, and that is slightly above average for delivery charges from other merchants. Of course, more sandwiches ordered for delivery will incur more charges than that.

So JJs wins with this price structure. Pick-up orders made online do not incur extra fees or price hikes.

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