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Update by user Apr 26, 2018

I spoke the with store manager directly who moved it up to his manager. They apologized for the delivery driver stealing money from me. They refunded the money and fired the driver.

Original review posted by user Apr 25, 2018

I ordered online from store number 433 on 4/23/18, check number 16. My order was $20 and I did not add a tip as I only had about $20 in my bank account.

$20 was charged and my order was delivered. The delivery man had me sign a seperate receipt. Again I signed and did not leave a tip. The delivery man looked pretty pissed as he stormed off.

I checked my bank account today on 4/25/18. The charge from Jimmy John's is $25. That is not right since I did not tip. I dug the receipt out of the garbage and called my bank.

My bank confirmed that Jimmy John's originally charged $20 then took it back and charged $25. This tells me this was not a mistake. A place of business cannot charge my account more because they are upset I did not tip. This is completely unexceptable.

I am not sure if the manager of that store was involved or if it was just the angry delivery driver but something needs to be done about this. I always tip when I order from Jimmy John's and the only time I do not tip due to my own finances (not as a slight against the driver) I get money stolen from me anyways.

This is not okay. I attached a picture of the receipt and a copy of my bank statement.

Product or Service Mentioned: Jimmy Johns Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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That screenshot of the 5 bucks shows a deposit, not a debit. So if this is a bank 5 bucks was added to your account somewhere not taken so wrongly reviewing this place possibly.

to Anonymous #1591809

Ahhhhh...the debit from J.J. clearly says $25.


I don't have a problem with you not tipping as it is really quite unnecessary in almost all occasions. Ordering food to be delivered when one's finances are in such obvious distress is probably not a wise idea.

That's why we have grocery stores for people to buy food cheaper and prepare at home. However, I assume you filed a dispute with the bank, etc.

so the extra $5 should be removed by the bank. To avoid problems like this, pay cash to the delivery guy.


the ignorance of people to order food and try to spend every penny with out caring for the guy that makes below minimum wage, risks life and death driving around in his own car with every delivery lowering his cars value. I dont get stiffed very often cause i give 5* customer service.

But there are those days you get every 20 dollar spender like this person.

And it hurts. its like a big FU when you dont get tipped and do a great job.

to trying to make it #1486608

Great job?? Please explain how you do a great job delivering food..you literally pick the food up, put it in your car, drive to a location and knock on a door then hand them their food..do you perform a song and dance as Well? Try being a waiter..wgen your running back and forth for customers, getting them everything they ask for while their being rude and then they stiff you..

to Sean #1574228

I'm sure u have struggles delivery drivers do not have it easy we have car up keep gas on a daily we also deal with rude people we have worry about being robbed at any point go drive for a week then lets hear what u have to say

to trying to make it #1574223

I'm a driver what u said is correct we use our gas that we have to buy daily an when people don't tip it is a disappoint I would never take anything from someone thow


Simple so not just leave only $20.00 in the account! You had no business ordering delivery, if you could not afford tip.

to Anonymous #1486611

For one, tipping is complimentary..its not a necessities...should you tip your driver or server?..yes you should..but your ripping into someone that didn't tip and had their money stolen instead...

to Sean #1489371

No, anyone who doesn't tip is just the worst kind of *** They don't even deserve to be talked to with any respect. They're as bad as the guy who stole the tip, so these two should be friends.

That guy shouldn't be mad and get him fired.

What kind of person would know that it is a law of society to tip at least 15% and then look someone in the face and give them nothing when they're excited to get their expected 15%? You're talking to some weird freak, trying to justify sucking

to Ryan #1504651

Jimmy johns drivers make a compensation for each delivery that is almost like a tip. I worked for the slave driven company for a while so I know how the system works.


Well, the employee did deserve to be terminated, if what you state is true.. however, I hope you will stop ordering delivery food if you have no money to pay the person to bring it to you. That is just dead wrong and sorry behavior on your part.


The employee is dead wrong to add a tip and that is a fireable offense. You, on the other hand, are also in the wrong to place an order for delivery knowing that you cannot afford to tip.

Delivery drivers use their own gas and place wear and tear on their personal vehicles and should be compensated.

They are working for tips, that is why they are bringing you subs and you know this. You should not have ordered to begin with or you should have placed a smaller order that allowed you to give the driver a couple bucks at least.

to Anonymous #1486618

Ok..what about dominos drivers?? Dominos charges for delivery..then on top of that they tell you to tip the driver aswell..what kind of nonesense is that?

The customer is covering the cost for the money dominos pays the drivers..then they expect you to tip them aswell..so, dominos isn't sharing that cost with their drivers and they are making money off of them too. Dominos is the one place I won't tip the driver..they should be giving them the delivery charge they are charging their customers..just about every other place is free delivery(as long as you spend 10 bucks or so) and I'll always tip those drivers..but I'm not going to be hit twice for delivery when the food is so expensive on top if that.

to Sean #1489375

They charge you for gas. should the driver use his tip to pay for gas and then have nothing of virtually nothing beside that?

EVERY national chain charges you a delivery fee for gas and maintenance(I know. I've worked for a few). Look it up next time ordering delivery ANYWHERE that is some local crap.

The other places just didn't tell you, you cheap b%&@++. Use your own gas and ruin your car to go get it.

to Ryan #1623099

Thank you. You're exactly right.

to Sean #1623095

Um... the delivery charge you speak of is so that the store can cover the delivery person's gas/mileage at the end of the day without going in the red. The tip is the little bit extra the delivery person is hoping for bc that's pretty much what we live off of other than barely minimum wage.

to Sean #1623096

And also, a lot of stores make delivery drivers split their tip with whoever made the food, so, all you people who are not tipping or tipping $1-3 on a $15-20 meal... thanks.

In those situations, it actually costs ME to deliver your food. And yet, I do it with a smile and go the extra mile to make sure you have everything your heart desires.

Please tip or don't have food delivered. Of course, you guys would never understand unless you're a delivery person.


The driver most likely added the tip when he got back. The driver then told the manager that you gave a $5 tip to your order.

I would go in person to the store, talk to the store manager and the general manager and stare you also want to talk to the distorted manager. Inform them what the issue is and how unhappy about how this was handled.

to Cassie 2018 #1489379

Why would he add it when he got back, so people could see, when he could've just done it right when he got back in his car? And why stop at just telling those three managers?

Why not just keep on moving up the line to the regional director and the state whatever and then work your way up to the CEO, right?

It's not enough just to talk to the store manager over one $5 incident that already got resolved. Let's all act like you and make America great again!

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