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I found out what this man does. Everyone should know.

Then decide if you want to buy his sandwiches. We need to boycott Jimmy Johns! This man is a big game hunter. Quite the despicable excuse for a human being.

I am asking people to get sandwiches somewhere else please. People like this do not deserve to thrive. I am hoping people will be as disgusted as I am and stand up to this and any participant who engages in one of the most inhumane practices that exist in this world of ours.

There is more information to be found about this if you can stomach it. His full name is Jimmy John Liautaud.

Product or Service Mentioned: Jimmy Johns Owner.

Reason of review: His character .

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there a re 1000's of ppl doing numerous hobbys/sports/activities that you may not approve of and many of them will be in a position of power or own a large business....are you going to investigate all of them & decide who to boycott based on your dislike of their activities???

if not you're kinda prejudice......


Big game hunters are the primary financial contributors to the organizations that protect wild game. People pay a fortune to hunt them, and that money helps the ecosystem and is also used to combat poaching.

See, there are actual people out there in the real world putting actual time into conservation while you sit on your butt doing nothing and criticize them.

This type of hunting is highly controlled and managed by experts. Learn what you're talking about before you knee *** react based on emotion and denigrate something that does far more good for wild game and their ecosystem than YOU ever have


You are being silly. Early one morning many years ago while on safari in Africa I shot an elephant in my pajamas---how he got in my pajamas I don't know.

However, the thrill and excitement of shooting this wild beast still excites me.

I will eat at Jimmy John's as soon as I locate one in my area. Thanks for the reminder to do so.

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