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I ordered one freeeeakin sub and it took the an hour an entire hour to get it to me! After a half hour they could have called me and told me "hey sorry we suck and aren't gonna be there for another half hour"....

But nooooo I has to call them and they said " oh yeah sorry we don't have a delivery guy right now we have to wait for him to get here"...... I nearly sh** myself with how incompetent they were!! If I knew my delivery guy wasn't gonna be there I would take it to the customer myself!

The sandwiches aren't even that great! Very disappointed and neeeeever giving them another dime...they coulda at least given it to me for free...horrible customer's false advertisement for them to display themselves as "freaky fast delivery"....

Product or Service Mentioned: Jimmy Johns Delivery Service.

Monetary Loss: $10.

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Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States #954023

I just received a sub 55min after ordering it! Like the other guy said below, it was by bike.....but this is MN in March for the love of god!

My soda was a cup of slush! Bike delivery is great in theory being "GREEN" and all but in the middle of winter on the tundra the practice of it leaves something to be desired......


Freaky fast????? Could have walked there faster.

The store is 1/4 mile.

38 min for delivery. :(


This comment is ***. They delivered to our work 4 times in 2 weeks and the longest they took was ten minutes.


I'm sorry dudes, slow ain't the way I roll! Email me which store and your contact info to so I can make it right.

to Jimmy John's Nuremberg, Bavaria, Germany #1013355

I have learned enough to just order 45 minutes before I want my food. Not sure if its an issue with management or not.

The last time you "made it right" for me you just had the store manager call and say they were sorry. Times must be tough or something if all your managers are doing is apologizing.

Delivering the right product at the right price at the right time is the business your in. Your deliveries are not happening at the right time and half the time the product isnt right either which also means the price isnt right since I am paying for a manufacturing defect.


TELL ME ABOUT IT!!! Same thing just happened to me but instead of "no driver" the delivery guy shows up on a bicycle!

Normally I wouldn't have minded but I only had an hour for lunch before going back to work if I would've known they were sending my order by cyclist I would've driven & picked it up so I could've had time to enjoy it! Not to mention that the kid on the phone simply said your order will be there in bit uuuum how is that a measurement of time!? Oh!

& i almost forgot our drinks were just cups of melted ice b/c they might as well have been sent by carrier pigeon!!! Then when I called the GM was all well I'm sorry.

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