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I work at the Broadway Jimmy John's in Boise, Id and i was nice enough to cover a shift for a co-worker so she could plan for her graduation party 6/25/2016. I worked with the night manager (Savannah), i felt like everything was fine last night but when i talked to the coworker this morning she showed me messages from Savannah saying and i quote, "hey dude you cant switch with somebody who cant do what you can, Cat hardly knows how to make a sandwich and its just me and her from 3-5 plus i have to do shift change.

Please try to switch with somebody a little more experience next time." Now this may not seem like a big deal but it is my first job, and the way it came across it is that she basically called me worthless. When i first started Savannah told me i needed to pass my sandwich test or i couldnt work there, it upset me and i took it to my general manager Tina, she then took it to the area manager Brad and brad took Savannah outside to talk to her. The next night i worked with Savannah i got written up, this manager acts like she doesnt care who she hurts. I am writing this complaint because everytime the area manager comes in everyone acts like nothing is wrong and so the problems do not get fixed.

A few of my friends asked me to get them applications and i have turned them away because i do not want them to go through what i have.

The general manager plays favorites and overlooks someone who has worked there for a year for someone who has been there for a few months for manager. We are tired of this and encourage Corporate to set in and do something about this.

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. This person stated that there is a room for improvement of being treated rudely. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss "being treated like shit working there" of jimmy johns manager. Jimmy Johns needs to "change management completely" according to poster's claims.

Other people also mentioned jimmy johns manager in their reviews. You may find this information helpful for further shopping at Jimmy Johns.

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Tobyhanna, Pennsylvania, United States #1178398

I note the following:

Your lack of experience in the full shift operations caused a problemishes. Lacking the ability to perform other tasks set said manager back.

Person you switched with was asked to switch with someone who can do more than you.

You also stirred the pot within days of employment, challenging the office policy requiring you to master the basics before advancing. You clearly have an issue with this Savannah person.

You were written up. These are to record counseling sessions to correct an employees behaviour.

I note you fail to describe that in any detail.

It seems you do not understand that you are not entitled a job. You have already made yourself look like a troublemaker. The manager is within their rights to show preference to whomever he/she wants. Your boss is not required to like you.

You were neither insulted or called worthless.

What you are doing, however, is hunting for a problem so your negative behaviours and troublemaking seem justified. Please grow up.

I have to question the skills and ability of someone else incapable of making a sandwich. I was doing that at 15.

to Anonymous Hayes, Hillingdon, United Kingdom #1178415

You sound like a ***...

Saratoga, California, United States #1178176

Wow. Please publish your name so none of the other business owners hire you.

Your sense of entitlement is unbelievable.

to Anonymous #1178239

I disagree. I think this person simply needs to be properly trained and that is management's responsibility. If this person is not trainable, then they need to be let go.

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