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We placed several orders over the last two monts online with store #0880 5603 in Greensboro, NC and now all of a sudden we are outside if there delivery area. I filled a complaint with Corporate and they said they only deliver to areas within 3-5 minutes of the store.

We are freaking 2.3 miles down the road 6 minutes. What gives? Placed the order for a different address that I had use currently, which is 9 minutes away, and no problem.

Seems like they are flagging certain addresses for non-delivery. Guess it's back to subway.

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Overland Park, Kansas, United States #580532

Corporate sets delivery lines. They have 1.5 mile radius.


:( I just had the same experience. I've had sandwiches delivered to me from Jimmy John's for years, now all of a sudden I am outside their delivery area.

I live about 5 minutes away.


Their service in the past hasn't been that great. They got my sandwiches wrong 70% of the time.


Perhaps you should gain a better grasp of grammar and the English language before publicly posting anything.


Having worked for JJ's in the psat, its people like this that need a kick in the teeth. Delivery areas aren't set in stone, you are outside their delivery area.

Deal with it or get off your *** and go pick something up yourself.

It's tough to maintain quick delivery times with a large delivery area, get it? I know it's difficult...if you need help, ask a friend.


Maybe they changed they routes, due to a new store opening in a certain area. I have never heard of Subway doing delivery.

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