I have never waited for jimmy johns so long in my life. It has been over an hour to get a sandwich to my home, which is not far from the location and the delivery driver is still not here!

I called the location to make sure my sandwich was still coming and they ensured me it was on its way. That was over 20 minutes ago again. I will not order online anymore if it going to take this long!

I like ordering jimmy johns because its supposed to be freaky fast but today it is not! So I am a dissatisfied customer.

Review about: Jimmy Johns Sandwich.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

Monetary Loss: $10.

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If they have that much business, maybe they should hire more drivers.Or else keep delivering stuff an hour late and see how much business they lose.


ordered online same experience one on rte 59 in streamwood illinois. manager says no guarantee on delivering

Norfolk, Virginia, United States #828983

Americans. Wine and complain because they have to wait a certain amount of time for food to be delivered right to their doorstep, when people in other places haves to waits days to even get anything thing to eat. And wonder why the rest of the world can't stand us

to Anom #1316968

You are paying for a service, and should receive said service within a timely matter. Regardless of what people in third world countries are doing?

to Anom #1414672

Move to another country then ***

to Anom #1443252

Stfu douchebag. When the mentioned establishment makes their claim to be "freaky fast" the customer is allowed to believe they will follow through.


Your not the only customer ordering at that time, if your 4th in line for delivery you will wait as long as you have to to get your food. Don't call 3 times asking where your food is it will not make the driver go any faster.

If you order and all drivers are out you must wait untill one gets back.

there are catering orders, Inshop, online, and all the other phone orders to deal with. It's not like they are getting deliveries to places late on purpose, maybe ask how long before you actually place the order.

to ***ed off JJ driver #879027

Not my job to make sure your restaurant is aptly staffed there, chief.

to annnonn #888701

lol so it's his fault right?

People that flip out about stuff like that deserve spit in their food.

**I'm actually about 45 min in waiting for my jimmy johns order, and I'm just gonna cut them some slack.

to CustomerServicePolice #1100713

Spit in food and you will see what happens legally to you and the store that you represent.

to ***ed off JJ driver #1021635

Pissed off customer: I get mad when my Jimmy John's is late because every afternoon around lunch time, if I walk out of my office to go get food, I see two Jimmy John's "drivers" standing in the dog park with their buddies smoking pot....sometimes, with people's orders....so....sometimes they obviously don't care if they're late.

to ***ed off JJ driver Colorado Springs, Colorado, United States #1163083

As a fellow Jimmy John's driver, I'd like you to know that you should be promptly fired for such a horrendous attitude.

to ***ed off JJ driver #1414825

You speak the truth brother. I deliver pizzas its amazing how *** stupid people are

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