I realize this isn't on the specific location because corporate headquarters sets deliver area. But, this is ***!

Tried to order from the new location on Blanding Blvd and was told that their cut off was at the 7-11 1.3 miles down the road at the corner of Constitution. 1.3 miles! My house is 3.8 miles door to door from that store! Again, not a complaint about that specific location.

This is a *** decision from JJ's headquarters. They are cutting out some very large sub divisions by limiting their area so tightly. I assume they are hoping to sell more franchise locations this way.

I have never eaten at a Jimmy John's and now I most likely never will! If they told customers out of a certain bubble that delivery may take a little longer most would understand and order any way, I would have.

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Not to mention coming from someone who works in a food service delivery trade, 85% of the time "telling the people in the bubble that it'll take longer" translates to the product being served being lesser quality, wrong temperature, or just plain "old" and often results in customers complaints in which said restaurant has to eat said charges to satisfy customer complaints with refunds or discounts.

LadyScot is right, they have to cut it off somewhere. Would you get pissed if you rode a bus with an established & determined route that refused to take you the extra mile and a half to your house to drop you off at your front door? No, because it is known that the bus route is not deviated from, and you can adjust for it by making other arrangements.

Not trying to be a smartass but when it comes to these things... such is life. :grin

Naples, Florida, United States #609005

They have to cut it off somewhere. We used to have to meet the pizza guy at the bridge 1/2 mile from our house cause the cut off was there.

No biggie.

We understood there had to be a stop place. It is not their fault you live outside the delivery area.

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