I am a loyal Jimmy Johns customer. I am a college student and to make some extra money on the side I work at a bar on campus that stays open far past most restaurants on campus. As a result I order Jimmy Johns very often because of their usually great late night delivery service. However after my experience with the restaurant tonight it will be some time before Jimmy Johns ever receives my hard earned money again.

I placed a call for an order (a Gargantuan) at 2:15 am. After 30 minutes of waiting I called in to the restaurant asking if my food was on the way. After another ten minutes of waiting I called again and asked where my sandwich was. The employee who answered talked to the delivery driver and he said that my sandwich had been delivered already.

I explained to the employee on the phone that I lived in a town house and that he must have delivered my sandwich to the wrong side of the complex to my neighbor who also ordered Jimmy Johns. I know this because me and my neighbor are very good friends. We were hanging out earlier in the night and before he left he ordered Jimmy Johns. I ordered roughly 5 minutes after him. The delivery man knocked on the door, and we pointed him to the next door over believing he had our friends sub because he had ordered first. The delivery guy made no mention of having two orders and did not ask my name or phone number nor did he call me when he arrived so I didn’t think he had my sandwich at the time. With hindsight, it is obvious that he gave both my order and my neighbors order to my neighbor. I had already paid for my sandwich before delivery using a credit card, so I asked the employee if there was anything he could do to help me out.

This is when the employee became rude. He told me that they couldn't refund me for the sandwich I didn't receive since it was already delivered. He also said that they wouldn't deliver me a second sandwich because it was not their fault and not their problem claiming that I was responsible for the delivery persons mistake and telling me to, “order another sandwich or deal with it.”

I happen to disagree with your employee’s assessment that this was not his problem because it was the delivery mans failure to call me to inform me he was there with my order which I believe is standard protocol for your drivers based off of my experience with your store. Additionally this delivery person gave two orders to my neighbor who only purchased one sandwich which resulted in this issue.

Your employee over the phone showed a complete lack of respect for me as a customer and made absolutely no attempt to rectify the situation. I as a customer do not think I should be blamed for the delivery person’s mistake of giving my sandwich away to someone else. However your employee claimed to me over the phone that once the delivery person delivers a sandwich that they are not accountable for it anymore.

The question I pose to you is if your delivery drivers aren't accountable for delivering the sandwiches to the customers who paid them for, then what are they accountable for? It seems to me that this would be one of the most important aspects of being a delivery driver would be to actually deliver food to the right location.

I was very upset after the employee began arguing with me over the phone insisting it was my fault for not giving more exact instructions with my address for delivery. I feel disrespected by this employee and I am very angry because I paid for a service I never received and believe that I have been stolen from.

I worked in the restaurant industry for three years. As a waiter at a diner that was open 24 hours. I too have dealt with the trials of working late at night when I was tired, but I would never disrespect a customer the way your employee treated me. On top of that if I was caught doing so I would be fired on the spot. I was trained to help customers with their issues and resolve them for them. It’s upsetting that this young man wasn’t trained to do the same. I am extremely disappointed in the service I received and the quality of employee employed at this location. If there’s any way I can be refunded for the sandwich I never received that would be greatly appreciated. I hope that something can be done to make sure that this employee learns how to treat customers better in the future.

Review about: Jimmy Johns Sandwich.

Monetary Loss: $9.

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so the delivery driver shows up at your door and you send him away? then your friend takes your food that you paid for, but you decided to call jimmy john's and blame the store? i know the customer is always right, but jeez, maybe you could make it a little more difficult for them to do their jobs.


So the delivery person knocks on your door with your order, you send him away and blame him for the mistake? It seems to me that the delivery person did everything right and you made the mistake. You're the one who made the mistake and Jimmy Johns shouldn't have to fix your mistake.

to aaaaaaaa #663623

Seems you should be more pissed at your "friend" for stealing your order.


sadly not everyone can be good at customer service and great of a worker as you, because maybe we would have an easier time working. hope you get something out of this.

Champaign, Illinois, United States #656549

I should mention that this is just the copy of the email I sent them.

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