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I placed an order for delivery around 7:30 pm central time on 5/8/18. I recieved my order around 8:00 pm central time.

This is an issue considering that the location that It was being delivered to, was less then 4 blocks away. The delivery guy could have walked and delivered my order faster then the half an hour it took for him to ride his bike. Again this is a problem because Jimmy Johns slogan is Delivered FREAKY FAST! When I asked the driver why it took long, his statement was that they only had the one driver, but he rode a bike, and it was well within walking distance.

I then called up to the store where I placed my order and asked to talk to a shift manager. I was connected to a lady named Syntha. Syntha pick up the phone with no customer service training. I had to say Hello for her to acknowledge that I was on the phone.

I had to ask her who I was speaking with. She was completely unprofessional on the phone. When I told her what happen with my order she completely sounded disengaged and non concerned. She stated to me that they only had the one driver.

But the delivery guy that dropped off my order was on a bike. Longer delivery times couId have been stated to me when I placed my order. This would have eliminated the high expectation of fast delivery service.

I feel this is unacceptable for a food service like Jimmy Johns whome I've ordered from countless amount of times and never receiced my food in such a poor time. Also I payed for Delivery and gave a tip to the delivery guy that I could have pick up in a faster time then it was delivered.

Review about: Jimmy Johns Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

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You know that you aren't the only one who orders from Jimmy John's, right? They have to do deliveries in the order in which they were received. And if the store is so close, walk your damn lazy *** there to pick up your sandwich!

to ThatIsAll1985 #1478268

You sound stupid!!! I know im not the only one to place an order.

The point that I made, was not that it took a long time to get my order. But the fact that they did not give me a heads up, that delivies would take a longer time due to one driver. I then could have made a decision if I wanted to go pick it up or not place an order at all and get something from somewhere else. Most restaurants give you an eta on deliveries.

Its a freaken cold cut sandwich. I DONT HAVE TO EXPLAIN MYSELF TO YOU BECAUSE YOU ARE NOBODY IMPORTANT. But sense you are all on my post, I was at work and could not go pick it up. Once again Jimmy Johns slogan is "Delivered Freaky Fast".

Thats not something I gave them! This what they advertise, period. Thats what I expect, period. Especially if im paying for sevice, delivery and giving a tip.

I work hard for my money, and If choose to spend it with a Company / Restaurant, I EXPECT good service / good product, PERIOD. And If I call the store and ask to speak with a manager to give a constructive feedback on the service, I expect that the manager not to be rude and is apologetic to the situation. But again, I dont have to explain myself to you!*PS I really despise people like you. All you do is look for post and reviews and make uneducated comments, about **** you have no clue about.

Does it make you feel good? Do you get your rock off by trying to offend people on the posts when your not the one they are talking to or about?

Next time you decide to post under SOMEBODY ELSE post, make sure you read the entire post before you make another uneducated assumption. Reading is fundamental.

to Anonymous #1504668



They had one driver. You weren't the only delivery customer!!!

to Anonymous #1478274

I completely understand that. I was told that they had one driver after I recieved my order.

That is something that could have been expressed when I placed the order and asked for delivery before hand. I then could have chosen something different, or been informed to expect delays on deliveries.

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