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I went to the Resturant on Bridford Parkway with my friend for lunch, then afterwards I ordered two more sandwiches or rather subs to go for m mom and husband.Atmosphere was great!

Fast forward about 2 hours later, my mother was ready to gave her sub and unwrapped the paper to find only bread with mayo. That's right no MEAT (Turkey)! I then drive back there to return bread and request refund. Initially I thought it was funny.

Went back to location and Manager attempt to refund then was unsuccessful had to call someone in the business department for assistance. I waited patiently for about 38 mins and requested possibly having a sub and my money for my troubles. Of course the answer was no, still waiting patiently the manger finish the phone call with Cust. service and I said can you write down what happened and your name.

That is when I think the atmosphere changed from pleasant to uncomfortable. Due to the fact Patrick said it would take 3-5 days before refund, I said that's fine but just put info on the reprinted receipt for my records if it doesn't take place. He then jut handed me my receipt and there was silence........until I was almost out the door the manager says "sorry.".

I just looked back and smiled leaving very unsatisfied.I will never go back to Jimmy John's

Review about: Jimmy Johns Sandwich.

Monetary Loss: $5.

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Jimmy John's also does not support same sex couples and claim to be Christian's...HA! The bread is also sub-par (get it?)


Jimmy John's is Overrated!! Their sandwiches Suck!!


The fact that you are demanding free food for your "troubles" makes me wonder if you ate the meat before giving it to your mom in order to get free food. Get a job, they are not a food kitchen and you do not need to lie to get free food.

Greensboro, North Carolina, United States #842195

Update, just found out my friend ate the meat off of the sub. He was hoping that I would not find out until after I went home. What a ***.

to Anonymous Spring, Texas, United States #902489

Is this serious? If your friend a dog? No human being would do that.

to Anonymous Detroit, Michigan, United States #1194527

Your friend sure is an @ss!I would make him bring your mom a sub with extra meat right now and to get on his knees and apologize to you!

I'm holding back to not swear at him for you after you went back to Jimmy Johns too!! How embarrassing! What a pig!

He truly is an A$$h*le!!!He's really not a good friend...I mean it!


look at it this way you found one less place to spend money at!! that is a good thing!!

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