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Jimmy Johns
Main address: 61820 Champaign IL
217-356-9900, 217-359-2956 , http://www.jimmyjohns.com/common/comments.aspx
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  • 11 hours ago
  • Food Delivery
  • Reno, Nevada
  • Delivery & Customer Service
  • 5

LONGLEY location RENO,NV.I am amazed that the Jimmy Johns cannot deliver to Home.They delivered to Donner springs mobile home park before.Now being told UNDELIVERABLE! They cannot drive 200 ft to entrance off of Sierra Madre.Though they can deliver to ROSEWOOD APT and CREEKSIDE APT complexes.On Mira Loma,behind scolaris. JIMMY JOHNS is Discriminating against the Donner Springs Mobile Home... Read more

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  • 1 day ago
  • Food Stores
  • Houston, Texas
  • Slow Delivery Service
  • 10

I've been going to jimmy johns for 3 years in bellaire tx and one time I was told I had to wait 45 mins for delivery because they didn't have a driver I mean come on I work across the street and another time i went inside and asked for extra mayo and sarcastically he responds that sandwich doesn't come with extra mayo and asked him to cut it in half got to work and it wasn't cut in half. What... Read more

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It was my first time at this restaurant and my experience was horrible. I asked if I could taste the avacado sauce. I am particular Bout avacado sauces and wanted to make sure that it was good enough to put on my entire sanwiches. The employee said they cannot do that. They said it was "against store policy." They were rude and would not cut my sandwich in half. They would not provide an extra... Add comment

  • Jul 25
  • Cafes and Restaurants
  • Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  • Car Damage
  • 32

A Jimmy John's driver in Milwaukee, WI (driving on 8th and Wells) shot my car with a BB gun, causing several hundred dollars worth of damages. After shooting my car, the employee took my phone number from the complaint filed and called me. The employee impersonated a police officer, and telling me that charges would be filed against me if I didn't drop the employee complaint. I have left 4... Read more

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  • Jul 23
  • Cafes and Restaurants
  • Low Quality Food
  • 13

live in Utah went to jimmy Johns and it was not good at all quality was bad the only part that was good was the bread I will never return and if any one ask I will recommend not going to Jimmy Johns. I went back and told them and they tried to re make the sandwich and it was worse this is the worst place ever and it would be nice if for a 8.00 sandwich they put some meat on the bread disgusting... Read more

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  • Jul 22
  • Cafes and Restaurants
  • Corvallis, Oregon
  • Poor Service
  • 33

I go to Jimmy Johns here in Corvallis.Oregon twice a week and get 2 sandwiches each time. The loud music has always bothered me, Today I ask them if they really had to have the music that loud, The answer was "YES WE DO" IN A VERY SARCASTIC MANNER. Well then I ordered the 2 sandwiches and ask them to cut them in half, Which they did not do until I ask them again, they unwrapped them & cut in... Read more

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I visited Jimmy Johns for the first time and was very dissappointed with the experience. Although the ingredients were decent, the bread was very cold and hard. My son said it sounded like someone knocking on a door as he sat there hitting the bread with his knuckles. The store itself seemed clean and ok until I heard the man in the booth next to us call an employee over to complain about ants... Add comment

  • Jul 21
  • Cafes and Restaurants
  • Rude Customer Care
  • 14

The employees are very rude here. They are all extremely young and don't care what you want, even though I'm paying for it. I was made to look like a fool for wanting mayo on the side. I have never been to a sandwich shop that pretty much gives you whatever they feel like. I'm the 4th person in my office that has had a bad experience. Soon enough the whole office building will stop... Read more

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  • Jul 21
  • Cafes and Restaurants
  • Bad Customer Service
  • 2
  • 30

On sundayevening i go into the north 30th street location, with my wife. The manager at the time came over to me and informed me that (Dan) had sent anemail stating that i was to no longer be in the store and if i came in they were to call thepolice i ask why and i was told that they do not have to tell me that information i asked for a copy of said email and was told that they dont have to share... Read more

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  • Jul 21
  • Cafes and Restaurants
  • Elmhurst, Illinois
  • Delivery Order
  • 1
  • 30

Doesn't seem where I move to or who I visit JJ's won't deliver anywhere. You call the restaurant right down the street, walking distance and nope they can't deliver. I do agree it seems as if you were to order $50+ of food they might but you can clearly hear their reluctance to want to deliver 2-3 sandwiches. I've made arguments with so many of these stores saying I can almost see your... Read more

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